One solution for many concepts

The commercial real estate and hospitality sectors are currently abuzz with the latest trends and developments in digital transformation, PropTech (Property Technology), and HospTech (Hospitality Technology). These concepts have become the focal points of attention as businesses seek innovative solutions to enhance their operations and improve customer experiences.


Regardless of the number of keys or star rating of your property, AI Maid Help offers customizable solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you operate a small family-run hotel, a motel or hostel with constant transient arrivals, an uptown serviced apartment, or manage trendy holiday homes and apartments, AI Maid Help is designed to cater to your needs.

As a leading technology in the hospitality industry, AI Maid Help is dedicated to enhancing the working environment for your staff, boosting performance for higher guest satisfaction, and reducing operating costs in your business. Experience the benefits of advanced technology and elevate your property’s efficiency and profitability with AI Maid Help.

Independent, group & chain hotels

Centralise operations to manage single or multiple properties

Elevate performance by seamlessly integrating our high-quality solution into your technology stack.

Our solution is perfectly suited for limited, full-service, and luxury properties, offering tailored functionality and seamless compatibility.

Achieve heightened efficiency, improved guest experiences, and optimized performance.

By implementing our solution, you can significantly enhance the professionalism of your on-site staff while effectively reducing labor costs within your property.

Our advanced technology empowers your staff to operate with heightened efficiency and proficiency, ultimately optimizing your operational expenses.

Experience improved productivity, streamlined processes, and cost savings that positively impact your bottom line.

By providing your team with the latest technology, you can enhance their efficiency, foster a culture of productivity and excellence, and free up valuable time for them to dedicate to their guests.

Your team will appreciate the benefits and their guests too!

By leveraging tracking methods, you can stay ahead of maintenance needs, proactively address issues, minimize downtime, and ensure timely resolutions, resulting in a superior guest experience.  

Serviced Apartments & Micro-Living

Get the best performance by automating operations

With a centralized approach, you can efficiently oversee and coordinate tasks, eliminate redundancies, optimize resource allocation, gain complete control over your entire network and ensure consistent quality across all sites.

Improve productivity, save time, and drive success by managing operations seamlessly from one centralized hub.

Experience the full benefits of innovative solutions that prioritize guest safety while minimizing the need for on-site monitoring.

Ensure thorough training for team members during their induction by utilizing our AI-powered Housekeeping feature in our intuitive mobile app, in conjunction with your digital checklists.

No need to worry about mixed branding – our system allows for individual configuration of each property.

Hostels & Boardinghouses

Innovation and automation for the low budget lodging market

Avoid the critical mistake of assuming that an advanced digital solution is beyond your reach just because your business offers budget-friendly rates for accommodations.
This misconception can lead to severe consequences as relying on manual labor will ultimately incur higher costs.
From housekeeping to maintenance, our solution extends to cover essential tasks in public areas like lounges and co-working spaces.

Take a broader perspective and consider the following: optimizing your operations digitally can lead to decreased reliance on manual labor, ultimately reducing staffing requirements and resulting in substantial cost savings.

Vacation Homes & Apartments

If you're a busy operator in charge of managing holiday homes or apartments

and frequently on the go, our technology is here to make your life easier! 

Take advantage of the convenience of logging in through any mobile device to effectively supervise your cleaning and maintenance operations.
Enjoy the flexibility of sending direct messages to your on-site employees, regardless of your location and at any time, ensuring seamless communication and coordination.
Don’t stress! Efficiently manage and arrange your maintenance responsibilities while AI Maid Help ensures seamless monitoring throughout the entire process.

Discover how our expert team can assist you in selecting a suitable Property Management System (PMS) while tailoring our AI Maid Help to seamlessly align with your specific requirements.

Co-Living & Co-Working Spaces

Are you an operator looking for scalable technology that understands the way you work? If so, we have got you covered!

AI Maid Help offers scalable technology solutions to enhance site management efficiency and prioritize your growth.
Efficiently oversee and coordinate cleaning and maintenance tasks for all your sites from a single location.
Allocate and oversee diverse tasks to your preferred contractors at your convenience. If you seek comprehensive visibility into the location of the contractor’s personnel, our experiences staff can support you in finding a real-time location tracking solution to integrate into AI Maid Help.

You waited so long, start now the digital transformation of your hotel operations!