Who are we...

A different approach to HospTech

How it began...

Prior to the pandemic, the hospitality industry was actively exploring contactless business models, and the need for remote property management became crucial.

As founding members with over 60 years of combined experience in managing and operating various hospitality and real estate properties, we possess valuable insights into operational processes, making us well-equipped to take on this new challenge.

While there were existing applications in the market that digitized certain housekeeping tasks and included limited features for maintenance and messaging, they fell short of being the comprehensive tool that the industry truly required. This realization led to the inception of our project.

Our vision was to elevate such an application to a higher level by integrating AI technology to assess cleaning standards and monitor performance in the room cleaning process. This AI integration brought forth two additional benefits: a training self-assessment tool supported by online digital checklists for onboarding room attendants, and the potential to reduce the need for live room inspections traditionally conducted by on-site supervisors or floor housekeepers.

The ongoing digital transformation is set to disrupt hospitality operations, addressing industry pain points and creating exceptional working environments, ultimately resulting in superior guest experiences. 

With AI Maid Help as an integral part of your tech stack, your properties will reap numerous benefits, including saving time and money on manpower, enabling more efficient and effective operations, and ultimately enhancing guest satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

Join us and be a part of this revolution!

So, are you ready to change and digitalise your operations??