Experience housekeeping at the next level

AI Maid Help stands out as the pioneering HospTech application that not only optimizes housekeeping operations but also leverages AI technology to enhance the performance of every team member, ultimately benefiting your valued guests.

Get a comprehensive overview of your occupancy forecast, in-house staff and contractor presence, scheduled daily tasks, and progress at a single glance. Effortlessly allocate tasks to various areas such as rooms, public areas, back-of-house, and offices. Enjoy real-time room status updates that seamlessly integrate with your property management system (PMS).

Experience seamless handling of reservation requests, instant reporting of maintenance issues and lost items through our user-friendly mobile app. Enjoy full tracking capabilities without any worries.

Optimise your asset utilisation and minimise live room inspections with our AI – Cleaning Assistant. This AI-powered feature identifies inconsistencies from your pre-set standards after the room cleaning process has been completed.

With this capability, room attendants can identify what has been missed and rectify it on the spot, or a supervisor/housekeeper can immediately address any concerns by communicating directly with them via our integrated messaging system, ensuring a quick resolution or, if the room check was satisfactory, fast-tracking the room status to ‘clean’ in your PMS.

Are you on the pulse of operations and want room by room insights? AI scores show task completion accuracy (as a percentage) and lead times show whether tasks have been completed within set parameters.

Quality control and staff training are essential pillars of success in the hospitality industry, regardless of whether you run an independent, hard- or soft-branded property. Your ultimate goal is to deliver exceptional service to your valued guests.

Our solution offers customizable functions that cater to your unique needs, accessible at your convenience through our user-friendly web application. It is designed to work seamlessly on any mobile device, empowering you to stay connected and manage operations anytime and anywhere.

Solid and comprehensive reporting is crucial for any business, and you’ll discover all the necessary features right here!

Our platform provides robust data extraction capabilities in both “cvs” and “xlsx” formats. This allows you to extract data seamlessly for in-depth analysis, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and find suitable solutions to drive your business forward.

During the onboarding process, our AI feature proves to be highly beneficial for training housekeeping staff.

Ready to embark on the journey of digitalization of your hotel operations?